Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hello, August!

Goodbye July, Welcome August

 Please be NICE, be GREAT, be AMAZING month:)

There are a couple of things I'm looking forward to this month.

1. My dear Hubby will be back from Egypt on the 2nd week of August. Some 'ole-ole' for sure <smiling>
2. My mom's birthday and my parents' wedding anniversary. Must think of what to buy for 'her' and for 'them'
3. My son takes part in National Robotics Competition on the 1st August means tomorrow. Taking off and will be going with him to give moral support. This is his second competition since he joined AIROBOT Academy in January this year~ "Best of Luck, my son"

His first competition-Robotic Competition Seremban District (9th May 2012)
4. There are two public holidays in August ......beautiful one....
4. One week school holidays + Hari Raya Celebration......yeah:) very sure will go somewhere since hubby will be around^_^
See? I think I'm really gonna be busy this August. I'm so excited. 


  1. kak sun...ur amma's bday is as the same as ur nana's bday...:))

    1. Really!! Advance happy birthday 2 u:) Hope ur days always filled with joy n happiness