Monday, 24 September 2012

Sleeping Beauty!

 … I will cherish this photos.

 The moment was just begging me to be photographed:)
My little darling just loves to sleep in this pose:)
  I never tire of watching my little darling, Tanneish looking so innocent, lost in his own little world of dreams

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Magical Book

I've finished reading the The Rules of Parenting, finally. 
Every parents should own "The Rules of Parenting Book":)

I'm currently reading this.
The MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne

A great treasure, the most simple way for a perfect life. 

 "It's simple fact: when you're not grateful you cannot receive more in return. You've stopped the magic from continuing in your life. When you're not grateful you stop the flow of better health, better relationships,  more joy, more money, and the advancement of your job, career or business.  To receive you have to give. It's the law. Gratitude is giving thanks, and without it you cut yourself off from the magic and from receiving everything you want in life."~ page 14-15

" No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, the magic of gratitude will change your entire life!" -~page15

"When you look for the best thing that happened during the day, you will search through many good things that happened, and in the process of searching and then deciding on the best one you are actually thinking of many things you're grateful for. You will also be ensuring that you go to sleep and wake up in gratitude each day."~page 39

 Thank you Rhonda Byrne. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am in page 67. I am following right now from Day 1 and now at Day 4:)  Get a copy today! And start reading today!

Till then, happy weekend everyone:)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Trip to Singapore

We reached there about 12.30 in the afternoon on the 31 August after we caught in a massive jam from Johor Bahru to Singapore almost two hours. We took a cab to Singapore.  The first day there, we just went for a shopping at Little India. 
We couldn't do much shopping since my little boy was not feeling well. 
Thus, we planned to go to hotel early and rest for the next touring.
Our second day, we were heading to Singapore Universal Studio. 
We took cab then MRT to Resort Sentosa World.
My husband and children really had fun and enjoyed touring Singapore Universal Studio.
My mother came along with us too. I had fun despite feeling extremely tired because
my little darling wanted me to carry him all the time.
I had no chance to enter most of the studios since my little one was quite restless.
We supposed to stay there for three days but since our little darling was restless so we changed our plan to come back on the second night itself:(
But it was still an awesome trip.
Being with my husband, my mother and my lovely children is a total joy and I'm looking forward for more road trips in the future.^giggling^

I would say that Singapore is a beautiful and clean country and the people 
living in the modern life. 
The public transportation is very organized.  
There are a lot of shopping centers that made it easy to buy stuff there. 

If you would like to know Singapore Universal Studio entrance fees/rates, 
please go to their official site:

p/s: Since I did not able to enjoy my shopping and Universal Studio Tour, my dear husband promised to bring me again after he comes back from his traveling ....nice na:) This time both of us only.....^.^

Friday, 7 September 2012

~Home Cooked Meal~

Hi...all:) It is September already? post, no updates.. :-(
A short escape to Singapore was really exciting and fun. Will update the photos 
in the next post yah;p
I've been very busy since my hubby was around. Demanding my hubby to settle so many things like cleaning up the store room, checking the balcony light which was not functioning for almost one month, sent my car for service, checking the air-cond in the main room which was not so cold:( and ..........yah things like that.
But I'm very happy, he managed to settle everything before he travels to work again.

Well, What's your favorite home cooked meal?
I am "Nasi Lemak" lover. How about you?
"Nasi Lemak"
"Nasi lemak" is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf
 Basic simple nasi lemak with egg, ikan bilis (anchovy), cucumber, and sambal ikan bilis (anchovy) or sambal belacan.

Tuna Curry -My children's favourite meal
I love to cook if I'm in a mood to cook haha...well ya, I can cook well a few dishes only like 'nasi beriyani, 'nasi lemak', chicken/ tuna curries, mutton 'varuval', chicken 'sambal' whichI learn from my mother, my elder sister and my aunt:)
I love to cook especially when my husband comes back after his traveling (work) and if relatives or friends come for a visit. Then, I'll show my 'skills' ^giggling^ in cooking.
I believe nothing brings together friends and family like a delicious home-cooked meal!