Friday, 7 September 2012

~Home Cooked Meal~

Hi...all:) It is September already? post, no updates.. :-(
A short escape to Singapore was really exciting and fun. Will update the photos 
in the next post yah;p
I've been very busy since my hubby was around. Demanding my hubby to settle so many things like cleaning up the store room, checking the balcony light which was not functioning for almost one month, sent my car for service, checking the air-cond in the main room which was not so cold:( and ..........yah things like that.
But I'm very happy, he managed to settle everything before he travels to work again.

Well, What's your favorite home cooked meal?
I am "Nasi Lemak" lover. How about you?
"Nasi Lemak"
"Nasi lemak" is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and "pandan" leaf
 Basic simple nasi lemak with egg, ikan bilis (anchovy), cucumber, and sambal ikan bilis (anchovy) or sambal belacan.

Tuna Curry -My children's favourite meal
I love to cook if I'm in a mood to cook haha...well ya, I can cook well a few dishes only like 'nasi beriyani, 'nasi lemak', chicken/ tuna curries, mutton 'varuval', chicken 'sambal' whichI learn from my mother, my elder sister and my aunt:)
I love to cook especially when my husband comes back after his traveling (work) and if relatives or friends come for a visit. Then, I'll show my 'skills' ^giggling^ in cooking.
I believe nothing brings together friends and family like a delicious home-cooked meal! 

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