Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Go for a massage:)

 I am a fan of massages. I'll make sure I go massage once a month.
There is one on the ground floor of Jusco Seremban 2-  a Traditional Thai massage at Thai Odyssey. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Usually i'll have 60 minutes massage, just about RM115 for oil massage. My favourite essential oil for massage is lavender. The reason for my choice is because lavender has  sweet and herbaceous aroma,  is highly and instantly calming. On top of that, it eases depression, anxiety, nervous tension and emotional stress. 
I'm not paid in any way to write about Thai Odyssey but I thought I'll share about this great place to those looking for a clean safe pleasant place for a good massage in Seremban. 
Why go for Massage?
1. Relieves stress and promotes better pain management
2. Regular massage has been proven by scientific studies to considerably improve the body’s defense against diseases. Massage therapy can help bring back your joint mobility and can be good alternative treatment to soothe stressed muscles and give you that needed relief from pain.
3.  Promotes better blood circulation. The stimulation of the muscles can improve the body’s circulation and promote better over-all body functions.
4.  Improves posture. A specific back massage can improve your posture and your over-all appearance. Back strains are one of the most common reasons for bad posture. This problem can be easily eliminated with a good back massage after a day’s work.
“So I placed my heart, my mind and my body
To take some time, and take care of me"
Have a blessing day:)

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