Sunday, 22 July 2012

Need A Break!

Hi all... :-)
I've been very busy since early month with children going  to school, work- (meetings in the school, sports day, State English in Camp, Week of School Resource Centre), "toing and froing" my parents' house to visit my little one, sending them to school and sending them for tuition and extra classes in the evening,  helping them with their school work,
managing house chores....alone! 
Now I could call myself 'Superwoman' :-p 
 I really need some extra hands now to help me sort out things at home especially.  Almost two months already, my dear hubby-you are away for work. Children are waiting for you and don't forget back with some 'ole-ole' from Cairo and forget me not too:)  

Here's some pictures of my birthday girl last Wednesday:p
Hazelnut Cake-taste good and yummy:)

Birthday girl-Livya

p/s: My dear shows that your wife is really need a break.... I just hope you will be back home soonest possible. We are missing you!

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