Sunday, 15 July 2012

Busy Weekend with S.E.I.C

Just back from SEIC at SMK Tunku Besar Burhanudin, Seri Menanti........mmmm wondering what is SEIC stands for? Well, SEIC stands for State English in Camp. 
Organized by Jabatan Pendidikan N.Sembilan.  This camp was held for almost 3 days 2 night. There were 144 participants from nine different districts in Negeri Sembilan. Quite tiring but really enjoyed. Meeting up with old and new friends - sharing our views and having nice time with them. 
This camp was held to motivate students in using the English language through some activities. There were so many activities had been organized such as:
  • ice breaking
  • station games
  • field trip to The Seri Menanti Palace
  • treasure hunt
  • variety nite

 "The Seri Menanti Royal Museum was built in 1902 - 1905. It was originally a palace for the Negeri Sembilan Royal family. It is situated in the Royal town of Seri Menanti, about 50 km from the capital, Seremban. This five storey wooden palace, was built using no nails or screws. The carpenters at the time used wooden pegs so that the palace would be able to withstand the times. It also uses 99 solid timber pillars, soaring 65 feet. Black in colour, the palace also has intricate flower motifs beautifying the regal palace.

Treasurer Hunt- hunting for clues:)
Variety Nite-Drama

Me with friends
Facilitators with top ten campers:)

Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend & are ready for a productive week.  :)


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