Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Perfume Collection

Hi Gorgeous!!! 
I am sharing another one of my collections............this time
it's fragrance's.
I love perfumes and I have a growing collection.
I like to wear a different fragrance everyday depending on my mood.
I used to keep my perfumes like this............

When finally I saw this display rack last friday means 4 days ago in this website...CLICK
Measurement : 29cm(W)X19cm(H)x36cm(D)
List Price: RM 70.00
Price: RM 65.00
I got this display rack today.........tadaaaaa

Here it goes..................my perfume collection in the new display rack:)
All my perfumes were given or presented by my lovely husband.
For information, he used to buy for me whenever he comes from outstation.
Since then, I love to collect perfumes. If not all the while I used to 
stick to only my signature perfume *_* 

I love perfumes because they are romantic and very womanly.
Perfumes make my day complete by having them on.
I know some people say you should stick to one perfume and
that be your signature fragrance.
And it goes to me as well but however I like experimenting and
trying out new ones too.
I adore this fragrance. I like to call this my 'signature'. 
It's the one I always love. Even a dab of a gorgeous fragrance
can lift my mood and leave me feeling more confident.
This fragrance classified as a luxurious, oriental, floral fragrance.
It is recommended for romantic wear.
It is my favourite perfume of all time, as I said earlier my 'signature'
perfume. and that's why it's almost empty and I need to get a new one.
It's is a musky scent but floral at the same time. It;s amazing.
Very feminine, very sweet, innocent, full of life, suitable for all occasions,
all ages, all moods....need I say more?

My perfumes collection are Chanel No.5, Daisy by Marc Jacobs,
J'Adore by Dior, Miss Dior Cherrie, Pure Poison, Burberry, Dior Addict, Ester Lauder
Pleasure, Far Away, Pure Poison, Hypnotic poison, 
My favourite List (Top 5)
1. Poison by Christian Dior
2. Burberry
3. Chanel No 5
4. Daisy -Marc Jacobs
5.J'Adore by Dior

I find this is a very unique perfume, it feels thicker than most perfumes somehow.
I can detect peach and jasmine which I love.
Definite sophisticated feel to it.
 .Smells good and feels like very charming.

This perfume is given up an ingenious freshening up to suit all the ages and
subtly differentiate itself from the familiar smell that is a great thing!
It is lighter, fresher, softer and suitable for every day use.
It's very sweet smell and beautiful smell.
It's just a great perfume, I don't even know what else to say about it other than 
the bottle is just so cute!
It is a floral scent. It's the most beautiful and balanced fragrance I've ever 
smelled and fell in love with.
If you've never smell this stuff, go and get it. 
It was the latest perfume I received from my husband
for my wedding anniversary this year:)

J'Adore by Dior is more of a mature scent.
I love the smell of it and the bottle is gorgeous too, right!

Have a blessing Tuesday:)

Monday, 15 July 2013

My lovely Bunnies

Today, I am going to share my cute portable bunny CD case
which I bought them yesterday while shopping for my sweet girl for her upcoming birthday.
These two bunnies just cost RM10.00 each. Reasonable though!

Cute naa....
Lovely bunny shape design with zipper closure, easy to insert and remove.
Save your storage space, can be hold CDs in both side easily.
Maximum capacity: 20 pieces CD

These lovely bunnies case would be ideal to keep in the car 
and also a great decoration for room too:)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Busy, busy, busy....

The title really says it all for me at the moment.
It has been quite some time I didn't update my blog.
Lately I am really busy with my school works, children's tuition 
and doing household chores.

Definitely, no break for me this year since my two children will be 
sitting for important exams. My friends, sisters keep on calling for vacation.....
nope, nope, nope not now ........
wait till November~that's my best answer for them:(
I'm very sure they are not happy but for me that's the best
 I can do at this moment
for my children
and I must be with them all the time until their exam over:)

I noticed something unfamiliar about me lately too, 
I tend to forget things easily huh like forget where i put my keys, 
left my mobile phone behind....
and yah i know there are so many things on my head especially 
my children's schedule always my first priority. 
Now, I jotted down every details 
what should i do in the memo galaxy...(HP)
and found it is easier way to remember.