Sunday, 14 July 2013

Busy, busy, busy....

The title really says it all for me at the moment.
It has been quite some time I didn't update my blog.
Lately I am really busy with my school works, children's tuition 
and doing household chores.

Definitely, no break for me this year since my two children will be 
sitting for important exams. My friends, sisters keep on calling for vacation.....
nope, nope, nope not now ........
wait till November~that's my best answer for them:(
I'm very sure they are not happy but for me that's the best
 I can do at this moment
for my children
and I must be with them all the time until their exam over:)

I noticed something unfamiliar about me lately too, 
I tend to forget things easily huh like forget where i put my keys, 
left my mobile phone behind....
and yah i know there are so many things on my head especially 
my children's schedule always my first priority. 
Now, I jotted down every details 
what should i do in the memo galaxy...(HP)
and found it is easier way to remember.

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