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Medan Trip

Medan Trip (3 June -6 June 2012)


Hah wondering what is horas- it's just like 'apa khabar' (malay) or 'hello'.

It was a good chance to hang out with my colleagues after spending months and months working.  Our tour guide, Adrial- such a nice and friendly guy. We had no problem in language since we understand Indonesian language, after all Malay language is not much different. 

After breakfast we were heading to Parapat about five and half hours from Polonia Airport. Stopped for breakfast since we reached there at 9 am (Indonesian time). It's just one hour different from Malaysian Time.

 I noticed all the drivers there like honking and..... oh GOD lots of honking.

We realized soon that this was very common here and the drivers are very skillful, so we were fairly relaxed throughout the journey.


First stop was a patent shop selling teng teng, ting ting, tong tong....
ha ha really funny ....actually selling all kind of candies...yummy you know:) 

After a long journey, we reached Parapat

Look at my friends, yah I know the weather was quite hot
While waiting for the boat, i snapped lil kids who were enjoying themselves by the lake banks
Waiting for the boat to leave to Samosir Island
Bought some 'ole-ole'

King Sidabatur's Palace
Danau toba Cottage- stayed here for a night

Our second day, we headed to Barastagi another 3 hours journey from Parapat
Beautiful scenery of Danau Toba


Another scenery
Sipiso piso Waterfall- Barastagi

We went for a horse carriage ride..

Thanks to Adrial.....showed us Cinnamon tree-nice smell when you peeled the bark

Bolon's House- Raja Purba's House at Pematang Purba, Simalungun.
List of Kings

Jom....naik!!!! - Let's climb up!!!!

Actually, I heard very interesting story from our tour guide, Adrial about Raja Purba
 The kings had many wives, even up to 20 women! Every wife owned a kitchen and a space for sleeping besides it. Even a coffin was kept there too. Wow, isn't it very interesting?

We were arguing who was the eldest and who was the youngest wife for Bolon King:) LOL

We stayed one night in Barastagi Cottage 

Next day, we started our journey to Medan.  
City Tour, Medan Mall, Batik Boutique and Pasar Ikan

In front of Maimon's Palace

 Before we checked in to hotel, we pampered ourselves with aromatherapy massage^_^

Nice stay:) Just for one night in Medan

Vellangani Church

Medan Mall-shopping and shopping

Mariamman Temple
Since our flight at night, we had lots of time to go  around:)
We were able to clear up our purse with all the rupiahs we had:)
Thank you, Adrial our friendly tour guide:)

"Selamat Tinggal Medan"

Medan tour guide:

1. Ramli Medan Tour - Facebook

Handphone no: +62819613366



2. Andri Adrial Traveller- Facebook

Handphone no: +628126032190

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