Sunday, 10 June 2012

School Holidays Over:(

Time flies very fast, huh?
Tomorrow school reopen after two weeks. 

I should say these semester break was really happening. 

First, spending time with my little darling. Since he turns 18 months now, he started to talk with his own language, doing all kinds of stunts:) Whatever he's doing is really touch my heart:)
 His favourite stuff is hand phone..........he knows whether it is the real or toy hand phone:)
And he knows how to operate too......touch screen makes him easier to go to the 
widgets he wants~like musics and videos

 Father puts on new shoes which he bought for lil one from Germany
 Father: The shoes I bought really fits you, my dear:)
Yes, it's really fit......appa:) Thank you, Appa

Second, my wedding anniversary on the 1st June, husband back from Germany  on the dot with lot of stuffs from there.........

My life partner:)
(Our Wedding Picture)
 We did look different:) 
15 years ago, we became one. As years passing by, we beat all the challenges in our life. 
But we still remain together as one.

And blessed with three wonderful children:)

Thirdly, my trip to Medan with friends was fun and full of laughters:) Will upload the photos of Medan trip very soon.

p/s: Since school holidays over, my husband too travels again for work to Dubai early morning today. I'm very sure, there are many ladies out there have to cope up with traveling husbands. I know, it's not easy but for me his absence is a good time for me to visit old friends, pampering myself with spa and taking up some special project just to pass the time......

Happy Sunday to All:) 

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