Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Candle Holders Collection

Some of My Favourite Candle Holders

                        The first pic, 'cute angel' Candle Holder given by my student (for teacher's day) 
                cant remember which year.  The 2nd pic, one more 'angel' Candle Holder, i bought at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur (4 years ago)

                           This floral ceramic candle holder       Bought this cute 'monk' at
                             from India given by my friend.    Pasar Warisan, Seremban on my
                                                                                                 first visit.
A pair of wooden elephant CH, a gift from my hubby. He bought this pair 
from Bangkok two years ago.

Beautiful 'hand' candle holder which i bought recently:)  

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lovely Sunday:)

I got up at 8.30 am today..........had breakfast with my kids at Simla's Restaurant, Seremban. Then, we headed to Pasar Warisan Seremban.........(I know some will be thinking .....is this place exist in Seremban?).
Well, some people known this place as "pasar karat" which is conducted along Jalan Utam Singh, Seremban. It operates every weekend (Sunday) only from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm.
This market are selling various items such as handicrafts, antiques, pottery, old books, flowers, bonsai, dry food, decorations, wall paintings, old coins and banknotes and traditional herbs at reasonable prices. 
Quite some years already, I never had time to go to this place again. As far as i know, I've been to this place for three times. 
Today, my fourth visit...............my intention is just to have a look but ended it up with this..........

Me with Uncle Cheah

p/s: If anyone need to repair or service sewing machine, Uncle Cheah does:)

 I bought a sewing machine (quite old n antique) "great wall" brand for RM260.00...........worth it, right *_*
Already tried, sewing nicely. Well, I'm going to sew very simple curtains, table runners my own after this....... yahoooo;) 
afterall, i'm not really good in sewing......however, i'll try ^_^

View of Pasar Warisan, Seremban

Saturday, 24 March 2012

TLC (Tender, Loving and Care)

All day tomorrow, I'm going to pamper myself. Go for a massage......badly need. Sleep as much as I can tomorrow..............hope for a lovely Sunday:) Go for facial and treading as well:)
*We all need to give ourselves some TLC from time to time*. 
Pampering may ease our bodies and minds. 
 I had promised myself early of this year that I would have a regular massage each month, but good intentions gave way to neglect.

Have a Beautiful Sunday!!!!

Friday, 23 March 2012


 Lately, I noticed that i love purple colour. Everything purple! My handbag, my salwar kameez, my t-shirts, my dress, my high heels, even now looking for purple curtain for my room since i bought new bed sheet and comforter in purple too ^_~.

 Purple and the Meaning
To know about colour meaning and personality colour ~ click

Thursday, 22 March 2012

10 Ways to Have a Better Day Today

  1. Wake up 30 Minutes Early
  2. Read, Listen, or Watch Something Uplifting
  3. Eat a Good Breakfast to Start You Off Right (LOVE this tip!)
  4. Choose Your Winning Attitude
  5. Be Aware of What They are Telling You
  6. Make the Most of What You Do
  7. Always Remember that People are Listening
  8. Be Honest and Fair to Others
  9. Pace Your Energy to Last All Day
  10. Get in Bed Early and Study for the Future (easier said than done it seems, but right on. It includes journaling or reading at bedtime.)
Many blessings! Hugs and Kisses ~sundari~

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wear Your 'SMILE'

Always wear a smile. A smile is the universal welcome quoted by Max Eastman.
Remember, without your smile, your attire is incomplete. Do not forget to wear your smile on your face. It really soothes your body. Smile keeps you cool. You look beautiful in it. Smile and spread it to the whole world. You will never find yourself down in life. Trust me!! :-) 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Welcome :) 

Welcome to my little home on the web. I am so excited to start this new blog. Thanks for joining me on this adventure. This is my journal. Thanks to all of you for visiting and do leave your comments and footprints over my entries so that i can come and visit yours too:) 

God Bless........:)