Thursday, 11 April 2013

Indoor Archery

Hi! Hi! Hi!
These couple of days, I was exhausted with school work.
But at last I able to finish up everything late evening today. Bravo:)
Thus, to reward myself I went to "Arch Point-Terminal 2" near to my place
to play archery. Actually, this is my second time of playing this game.

Touching a bow for the 2nd time;) Mmmm not bad~able to make some shots
 into the blue zone and one into yellow zone
 and two of arrows bounced off the target*_*
To all of you "HAPPY THURSDAY"

Monday, 1 April 2013

A lovely Recipe

Good Bye March! So many things happened along the journey of March.
Hye - April. Hope April will be nice to me:)
Yah, here there is something i would like to share*_*
Google Image


Have a blessed Monday to everyone:)