Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hello, August!

Goodbye July, Welcome August

 Please be NICE, be GREAT, be AMAZING month:)

There are a couple of things I'm looking forward to this month.

1. My dear Hubby will be back from Egypt on the 2nd week of August. Some 'ole-ole' for sure <smiling>
2. My mom's birthday and my parents' wedding anniversary. Must think of what to buy for 'her' and for 'them'
3. My son takes part in National Robotics Competition on the 1st August means tomorrow. Taking off and will be going with him to give moral support. This is his second competition since he joined AIROBOT Academy in January this year~ "Best of Luck, my son"

His first competition-Robotic Competition Seremban District (9th May 2012)
4. There are two public holidays in August ......beautiful one....
4. One week school holidays + Hari Raya Celebration......yeah:) very sure will go somewhere since hubby will be around^_^
See? I think I'm really gonna be busy this August. I'm so excited. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


1. We Need To Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward .

2. We Need To Stop Analyzing The Past
3. It's Bad When The Going Gets Tough
4. We Want To Run Away From Everything!!
5. Things Doesn't Happen The Way We Want
6. We Want To Have And Grab Everything Even It Is Within Our Reach!!
7. We Just Need A Little Magic For Some Reasons
8. Get Tired Of All The Things.
9. We Need To Be Hurt In Order To Grow 
10.What We Want Isn't What We Need.

" A little bit of prayer everyday will make a difference 
in making us a better person"

"A little bit of something seems better than a lot of nothing."

Happy Wednesday!!!
Have a good sleep!!!

Nitezzzz all:)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Go for a massage:)

 I am a fan of massages. I'll make sure I go massage once a month.
There is one on the ground floor of Jusco Seremban 2-  a Traditional Thai massage at Thai Odyssey. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Usually i'll have 60 minutes massage, just about RM115 for oil massage. My favourite essential oil for massage is lavender. The reason for my choice is because lavender has  sweet and herbaceous aroma,  is highly and instantly calming. On top of that, it eases depression, anxiety, nervous tension and emotional stress. 
I'm not paid in any way to write about Thai Odyssey but I thought I'll share about this great place to those looking for a clean safe pleasant place for a good massage in Seremban. 
Why go for Massage?
1. Relieves stress and promotes better pain management
2. Regular massage has been proven by scientific studies to considerably improve the body’s defense against diseases. Massage therapy can help bring back your joint mobility and can be good alternative treatment to soothe stressed muscles and give you that needed relief from pain.
3.  Promotes better blood circulation. The stimulation of the muscles can improve the body’s circulation and promote better over-all body functions.
4.  Improves posture. A specific back massage can improve your posture and your over-all appearance. Back strains are one of the most common reasons for bad posture. This problem can be easily eliminated with a good back massage after a day’s work.
“So I placed my heart, my mind and my body
To take some time, and take care of me"
Have a blessing day:)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Need A Break!

Hi all... :-)
I've been very busy since early month with children going  to school, work- (meetings in the school, sports day, State English in Camp, Week of School Resource Centre), "toing and froing" my parents' house to visit my little one, sending them to school and sending them for tuition and extra classes in the evening,  helping them with their school work,
managing house chores....alone! 
Now I could call myself 'Superwoman' :-p 
 I really need some extra hands now to help me sort out things at home especially.  Almost two months already, my dear hubby-you are away for work. Children are waiting for you and don't forget back with some 'ole-ole' from Cairo and forget me not too:)  

Here's some pictures of my birthday girl last Wednesday:p
Hazelnut Cake-taste good and yummy:)

Birthday girl-Livya

p/s: My dear shows that your wife is really need a break.... I just hope you will be back home soonest possible. We are missing you!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Letter to My Daughter

Dear Livya,
Happy 14th Birthday! I can’t believe you are already fourteen years old today. How did the time pass me so quickly? The day you were born was the happiest day of my life... First and most important, I want you to know that I love you so much. Words cannot describe the great joy and happiness you have brought into my life, as the eldest child in the family. I want you to know that I'm always trying my best- be a good mother and I'll try my hardest to do what's right for you. 

I know there are times you have a difficult time understanding why I won't allow you more freedom. I'm  arguing about your hair, your clothes, and your education.   I’m sure you’ll grow up hearing my advice and get sick of it. But I do 'understand' you... But let me tell you that  I only want the Best Possible Life -the only thing I want you to have it all! There is so much for you to learn, dear. There are so much of paths for you to go.......along the paths you'll come across a lot of things. No worries, dear- I'm always there to protect and to guide you. .. I know that I'm too protective over you....just to make sure you are always safe and happy.  My dear,  I have no intention of holding you back when you are truly ready to fly.....

Someday, you will learn that life does get tougher, but my wish for you is to have a life filled with much, much happiness. Always remember I want the best for you. I want you to be happy. Always!!! I’m sure as you’re a teenager now there are things we disagree on. Maybe your friends will be doing something you think isn’t a very big deal and for me it is a very big deal. I just want you to know that I’d never do anything to intentionally hurt you.  I just trying to guide you in the right direction. For me, you are still my baby which I feel that I have to be with you always...... 
I know you are such a good girl of me and Appa.

So if you need advice or someone to talk to
I hope that you will always come to me
as I am always there for you:)
my sweet daughter
for me, you are still my little girl.

Love always,

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Lifetime Together

Source: google image
I enjoy watching elderly couples who hold hands and treat each other as if
 they were on their first date.
So sweet isn't it?
I can't help but admire these elderly couples and assume that their marriage 
must be filled with love and fulfillment.
  Being able to survive a marriage for 40, 50 or even 60 years is the golden achievement for any couples. They must have stayed together through thick and thin. 
What is the main ingredient for their achievement? 
Of course, love is the main ingredient for their lovely marriage. 
Happy couples have learned to deal with their problems and have learned to live with their spouse with tolerance and even patience might wear thin at times. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Busy Weekend with S.E.I.C

Just back from SEIC at SMK Tunku Besar Burhanudin, Seri Menanti........mmmm wondering what is SEIC stands for? Well, SEIC stands for State English in Camp. 
Organized by Jabatan Pendidikan N.Sembilan.  This camp was held for almost 3 days 2 night. There were 144 participants from nine different districts in Negeri Sembilan. Quite tiring but really enjoyed. Meeting up with old and new friends - sharing our views and having nice time with them. 
This camp was held to motivate students in using the English language through some activities. There were so many activities had been organized such as:
  • ice breaking
  • station games
  • field trip to The Seri Menanti Palace
  • treasure hunt
  • variety nite

 "The Seri Menanti Royal Museum was built in 1902 - 1905. It was originally a palace for the Negeri Sembilan Royal family. It is situated in the Royal town of Seri Menanti, about 50 km from the capital, Seremban. This five storey wooden palace, was built using no nails or screws. The carpenters at the time used wooden pegs so that the palace would be able to withstand the times. It also uses 99 solid timber pillars, soaring 65 feet. Black in colour, the palace also has intricate flower motifs beautifying the regal palace.

Treasurer Hunt- hunting for clues:)
Variety Nite-Drama

Me with friends
Facilitators with top ten campers:)

Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend & are ready for a productive week.  :)


Monday, 9 July 2012

Why the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger?

Hello.....beautiful readers!!!

Today I found out the history and symbolism behind the tradition of wearing a wedding ring and why it is worn on the fourth finger- known as the ring finger.

The Chinese give a beautiful explanation to this.
  • The thumb represents your parents.
  • The index finger represents your siblings.
  • The middle finger represents yourself.
  • The ring finger represents your life partner.
  • The little finger/pinky represents your children.
Hold your hands together like the picture. Join your middle fingers back-to-back, and the remaining fingers tip-to-tip.
Now, try to separate your thumbs. They will separate because your parents are not destined to live with you forever. Rejoin your thumbs and separate your index fingers. They will separate because your siblings will have their own families and lead their own lives. Rejoin your index fingers and separate your little fingers/pinkies. They will separate because your children will grow up, get married, and settle down. Rejoin your little fingers/pinkies and try to separate your ring finger. They will not be able to separate because your life partner is meant to be with you throughout your entire life, through thick and thin.

Source: mail

 P.S. Please try this out......... .... ISN'T THIS A LOVELY THEORY?

Have a blessing day (^_^)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Just A Thought

"The best thing that happened today was realizing that no matter how bad the times get, there is always something we can do".



Monday, 2 July 2012

Triple the Thrill

Every now and then, many of my friends ask me: How do you manage with three kids,
without your husband around? I can't even cope with one! 
Well, I'm not saying that taking care of my kids is as easy as A, B, C. On the contrary,
life can get quite busy when dealing with them. Like myself, with traveling husband for work- none of my siblings or relatives staying nearby. But I'm blessed with wonderful and 'beautiful' friends around. As a mother, I have my own schedule and giving equal attention and at times can be a big challenge.
As a working mother (teacher), sending them to school, preparing food on time then sending them for tuition, extra classes and so on- all those not easy to deal with.
There are times when they demand my time and attention at the same time. That time, I just wish
I could stick a "Temporarily Out Of Service (giggling) sign on my forehead. Hoping that they
would understand that their mother can get tired and exhausted too yah. But my two elder kids do understand even their favourite says ....Amma, come I give a good massage? Or even Amma, you
better rest now and I will come and disturb you later.....ha ha^_^
But as time passes with their little things make me laugh and smile.
My lovely kids:)

My role as a mother, is always right and has the final say over most issues while children just obeyed. Of course, they are mischievous and throw their tantrums but generally things are under control.

Motherhood is a never ending journey with lessons to be learn along the way:)
 I believe to be a good mother, i have to feel good, look good and think good. And the most important, take care of myself so that I can take care of my kids well.
Knowledge and experience will guide me to the smoother paths and just enjoy the ride.

To all mothers,
Enjoy blessed time with children and enjoy every minute of it:)

"We are rich when we are loved and blessed and even richer when you love and bless"