Monday, 2 July 2012

Triple the Thrill

Every now and then, many of my friends ask me: How do you manage with three kids,
without your husband around? I can't even cope with one! 
Well, I'm not saying that taking care of my kids is as easy as A, B, C. On the contrary,
life can get quite busy when dealing with them. Like myself, with traveling husband for work- none of my siblings or relatives staying nearby. But I'm blessed with wonderful and 'beautiful' friends around. As a mother, I have my own schedule and giving equal attention and at times can be a big challenge.
As a working mother (teacher), sending them to school, preparing food on time then sending them for tuition, extra classes and so on- all those not easy to deal with.
There are times when they demand my time and attention at the same time. That time, I just wish
I could stick a "Temporarily Out Of Service (giggling) sign on my forehead. Hoping that they
would understand that their mother can get tired and exhausted too yah. But my two elder kids do understand even their favourite says ....Amma, come I give a good massage? Or even Amma, you
better rest now and I will come and disturb you later.....ha ha^_^
But as time passes with their little things make me laugh and smile.
My lovely kids:)

My role as a mother, is always right and has the final say over most issues while children just obeyed. Of course, they are mischievous and throw their tantrums but generally things are under control.

Motherhood is a never ending journey with lessons to be learn along the way:)
 I believe to be a good mother, i have to feel good, look good and think good. And the most important, take care of myself so that I can take care of my kids well.
Knowledge and experience will guide me to the smoother paths and just enjoy the ride.

To all mothers,
Enjoy blessed time with children and enjoy every minute of it:)

"We are rich when we are loved and blessed and even richer when you love and bless"

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