Wednesday, 27 March 2013


A couple days ago, while shopping at Jusco S2, I heard a very soothing and relaxing music
in the air which was very familiar sound of Red-Indian traditional instrument. 
Kinda spiritually soothing, blowing a relazing wave to my soul and mind. As expected,
that was 'him',
He is from Latin America and such a talented musician. And guess it was my second time
meeting him.
It took me a little while to realize that the piece of music was being performed by someone
that I used to know. Wow.........just guess:)

Wilson Lema

Yessss Me with Wilson Lema

Signed by: Wilson Lema:)

I bought this:)
Actually, I saw him at Bukit Tinggi Jusco two years ago with my sister. Then, I reached home and searched the internet for Wilson Lema also known as Southern Spirit). I felt that I missed his piece of music two years ago. But at last I met him again here in my town. Amazing right:)

Here is Wilson Lema, talented musician*_* 

Have a nice day:))

Monday, 18 March 2013

It's picnic time

Lovely day, sunny day and a good day for a picnic. We drove to Port Dickson beach about 45 minutes from our house to have a beautiful, relaxing picnic by the shore yesterday.

 I just love the sound of the waves lapping against the sand and the breeze. We have our own little spot to sit and it was really relaxing and lovely thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.
Children learnt how to put a tent for the first time

Little Tanneish, enjoyed eating an ice-cream

I hope to have more of these precious moments, where we were all together, happy and relaxed.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dior Surprise

Surprises are good and they can be bad at times too. I am focusing on the
good surprise. Most people like to be surprised sometimes. Getting a
surprise can add a little spice to our mundane routine.
A Dior set from hubby:) yesterday evening

I love pefumes. Perfumes provide for me a simple pleasure to enjoy.
I think people who love perfumes are more inclined to enjoy the little things
in life and find enjoyment in them.
Actually, perfumes awaken/ uplift the senses and the spirit
However, it is a nice surprise after a bad week that I had.
*The key to surprising someone in a good way, is good timing:)

Monday, 11 March 2013


Lately, there have been a lot of unsettled things occuring around me and these make me wondering~why these happen to me?
Even though I believe everything happens for a reason and I give my faithfully to this belief.But there are times I can't take it anymore like today. I just hope someone can hug me and tell me it's alright dear ......
I hope this shall too pass......
And hope everything will change to better. The happier will be....

Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Women's Day

Specially dedicated to strong and beautiful women out there~may ur enthuasistic spirit be with you always;) Happy Women's Day *_*