Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Forgive and Forget



Forgive and forget… this is a popular line used by lots of people especially when giving advice, it's easy to say but not easy to follow. 

To forgive someone for their mistakes is an art of living because the act of pardoning the individual can be healing. It can be done, though it may take some time.

It is normal for everyone to get hurt by friends, relatives or family members at some point owing to their actions or words as we all human. 

Even though we’ve forgiven someone for their  wrongdoings, we can never really forget the pain,  completely. 

 But there are some things we can never forget nor forgive the person for their doings no matter how we try, or how many tears we shed over the incident. Am I right?

Many says that it can be improved and healed by forgiving someone unconditionally so that we enjoy total freedom because we have released all our hurt and burden but then again, it will stay with us forever,  just like a wound, it can be healed but the scars will remain there~leaves a permanent mark, right.

 I do believe anyone can forgive but the forgetting part is marginal. 

 Its too hard to forgive and forget things or people who hurt you – you may have courage to forgive but to forget......?

GOD Bless All of You;)


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