Friday, 24 August 2012

Hubby is Coming Back!

Mmmm ...Finally Hubby emailed to me yesterday that he is coming back. (after two months and three weeks) Mmmmm almost going to be three months.  "I will be at home on 24th August around 8pm. 
Don't forget to cook ...................." clearly he missed Malaysian food and even his favourite
 'dhall' and 'sambal petai'. Actually, he misses my 'cooking' (smiling ^-^)

Things to do before Hubby comes back:-
  • Filing all the bills. Update to him.   My part time job when he is not around.
  • Send car to car wash and take away all my shoes and books from the car. 
  • Change my bed sheet....(already done) New one some more. (^giggling^)
  • Going to Cook for him his favourite food this evening.  Already do the marketing this morning with my kids:) Going to be busy in the kitchen...
  • What else........cannot think la^.^

Things to do during his stay:-
  • Go to Fatty Restaurant for seafood. I miss lotus fried fish.
  • Go for movie(s)....the last time I watched was four months ago
  • Outing ......five of us since my little darling is here for holidays but so sad hubby is coming back towards the end of Raya holidays^_^. It's alright, let him come-my children are there to demand for that:)
  •  Go shopping and shopping ;p
  • Well, that's all right now. After all he is here for two weeks only;)

Happy Friday to All:)

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