Sunday, 14 October 2012

Being Children means....

Being a busy mom of three young children, I am becoming eager for the time when they would have some more independence. I know it is true and try my best to remind myself each time that I need
to cherish everyday I have with my lovely children.
There are very few things in life as heart warming and gratifying as watching them growing.
But there are times, they will push you to the limit!
But as we know.. let the children be children, right.....

Being children means:-
they will argue among them
even they will argue with you
they will fight among them
they will do things annoying you
they will demand so many things
they won't listen to you 50% of the time
girls will whine and cry
while boys will pinch, kick and push
they watch tv all the time
they play all the time

they will also say "I love you" many times
they will fight to be beside you often
they will fight to sleep on your lap
they will praise you
they say 'thank you' for everything you do for them
they will keep you company
they will never forget to hug and kiss you
they will make you smile, laugh
they will always remember your birthdays
they will bring joy to you
they will make your day

p/s: To my children, thank you very much for everything. ~They always make my day when my dear Husband away for miles and days:)

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