Friday, 2 November 2012

Online shopping

Hi Readers,
I received my new top/blouse, cardigan and blazer few days ago.
 I'm so happy that all fits me well.
I seldom buy online stuffs. This was the third time. First and second time I bought 'mouse' costume and hat for my little darling, Tanneish
 through Facebook.
This mouse costume still fits my boy:)
This time I bought it from the Mosfashion.:)
And I am quite happy with the stuffs I received few days ago:)
Cotton Blazer
Net blouse~ I like this very much:)
The important things that you have to focus when you purchase online are size, material and payment/shipping.

There is nothing that beats the satisfaction of seeing your newly
purchased goods arrive at your doorstep waiting to be worn out.
I found great deals online. But with clothes, if it doesn't fit then you also have to pay ti have the item returned. Thus, measure your body size and check through the details like measurement, types of material 
and so on given. 

Happy (online) shopping!

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