Friday, 11 October 2013

Why people get jealous?

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I think jealousy happens when one see's someone with something they don't have. The first response is to be envious of them which everyone is at some part of their life. It could be that they are envious of a person's personality, beauty, money, self respect, clothes, family, friends, or other material things. 
I came through this status in the Facebook. A friend of mine poured her
feeling and how her daughter felt when some of 'people' gave the remarks
of looks and so on. Then, I was thinking why 'people' have the guts
to give this kind of negative remarks.
And as i know her daughter is cute and beautiful:)

I used to tell my self, my children even to my close friends that
people get jealous because we are better than them. Hence, walk with
confidence don't be upset or hurt. 

I came through this link too:-

Thus, remember:_
 Just relax and be a rebel.
== Tips ==
*When someone is envious of you, it means that you have something they want.
*You have the right as a person to be in a stable [[Have a Healthy Relationship|healthy relationships]]. Choose to do so.
*People who get jealous of you sometimes wish they could be as outgoing, good-looking, etc as you but they end up comparing themselves and they end up idolizing you or hating you, maybe both.
*Many senior colleagues/ Friends/ relatives may advise you wrongly because of jealously. They don't want you there where they are.
*Love them in spite of their feelings toward you. However, be wary of putting your trust in them. Be careful about how much time you spend with them until they are free from jealousy.
*You must sympathize with people like this and never become angry. Jealousy often stems from a self-esteem issue and validating that is the last thing you want to do.
*You might be a fun, beautiful, gregarious person that people are jealous of. Too bad.
*Empowering them is a good way to diffuse their jealousy, It may not work if they are stubborn.
*When being put down by the jealous person, say something positive like, "I have faith that inside of you, there is a good person".
*People are jealous for a reason, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand them. Don't let them make you angry or annoyed, stay calm and try to solve the problem by encouraging them. Do NOT try to prolong your explanation and repeat if you have to.
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