Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day to all the Dedicated Teachers:)
Blessed all the teachers for the never ending effort to ensure our future generations acquire the knowledge.

I guess every teacher is familiar with William Arthur Ward's famous quote:

The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains

The superior teacher demonstrates

The great teacher inspires

       So which category of teacher do I fall into? Naturally, every teacher would want to believe that they are in the last one!
To my students, ex-students, my classmates, my college mates, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours, my parents, my sisters and to everyone-  thank you so much for your messages and wishes today:)

What the best way to start a teacher's day by having your students rushed to your table early morning to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day and shoved some cards and gifts......thank you, thank you  very much, my dear students. I love teaching you all.  

Selamat Hari Guru!!!!!!

Sacrifice is greater than love,
character is greater than beauty,
humanity is greater than wealth,
but nothing is greater than a TEACHER!!!!!!!!!

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